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Pretty Pink Beaded Christmas Spider Ornament - $8.00

This lovely little beaded spider is made with 24 gauge, silver colored beading wire. The head bead used on the spider is a pretty, frosted white bead. The body bead is a 16mm swirl bead, that has light yellow and pink throughout. The legs feature, clear bugle beads and small, clear and purple seed beads. From the top of the head bead, to the bottom of the body bead, measures in at 1 1/2". Measuring across the legs, the spider measures in at just over 3 1/4". This spider looks lovely hanging in a Christmas tree or simply hanging in a window. Give it as a pretty, little gift to someone special or treat yourself to something fun! *** All spiders come with a little legend attached: A German legend tells of a young mother who worked hard to clean her home for Santa's arrival. Although she banished all the spiders to the attic, the littlest spider sneaked down late at night to see the tree and the decorations. The others followed and climbed the tree to look at the ornaments. When Santa arrived, he found the tree full of their webs. Knowing how hard the mother had worked, he touched the webs and changed them into sparkling, silver tinsel.
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Last Updated - Thu Jul 26 2012

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